Ways To Help  

The cost of providing the range of healthcare services at the Medical Center is about $6.00 for each patient per year. This is a very small amount compared with the United States, where thousands of dollars are spent annually on health care for each citizen. But even this small amount means that to subsidize the patient contribution towards our services, we need to raise around $20,000 each year. The local communities are a long way from being able to afford to pay the full cost of the healthcare they require.

At the same time, the PWMMC has made plans for constructing an emergency room building with additional wards for children, men and women, including quality isolation facilities for people with tuberculosis and other highly infectious diseases.  We are looking for donors to support this project.

Likewise, we are looking for donors to provide funding to purchase equipment for our first Neonatal Unit. The equipment, if secured, would boost our ability to save sick newborn babies who are most at risk.

Any contribution, however large or small, would be most appreciated.  If you are interested in supporting the Medical Center, please contact the founder, Charles Nangosia, whose contact information is given below.  Contributions to the PWMMC are tax-deductible.