Volunteer Tourism

The Professor Wamukota Memorial Medical Center -- through our development partner the US based Conejo Compassion Coalition --, has created opportunities to volunteer at the Medical Center and to perform other community service projects in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The volunteer program focuses on service projects in several districts in Eastern Uganda each summer. Departing from the Unites States, participants will travel to Uganda and via Kampala, the capital of Uganda. On arrival at the Entebbe International Airport, participants are greeted by our Ugandan staff. Under the guidance of the Conejo Uganda Board leadership, participants will spend time volunteering in a variety of settings, including the medical center, at local schools, or ongoing sustainability projects. As a volunteer, you will live with other members of your team as a group in the village or at our nearby guest house. You will spend several hours a day at the Medical Center, or volunteering at a local school, or on a sustainability project site location. The project work may entail such activities as working on a construction site, teaching basic computer classes, conducting a community needs assessment survey or painting, gardening, taking care of patients or teaching practical skills. All projects involve a component of physical work, and most are located within the Mbale District. If you decide to live in the village, you will be exposed in an intimate way to the local Bamasaba language, music, history, and customs. Our Recent Volunteers