Building Sustainability Model

TRANSPORTATION: The Professor Wamukota Memorial Medical Center operations. Sustainability Model is all about the big picture and doing what’s necessary to establish a permanent, capacity-building medical center in Eastern Uganda, one that will serve the people well into the future. Our promise of sustainability requires us to plan for the future and always be thinking creatively, collaboratively and with the long-term in mind. Purchase a small truck for hire by the locals and can be used for transporting construction materials for ongoing medical center expansion. BOARD RECRUITMENT AND FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Strong financial operations are a cornerstone for any sustainable business, Charles Nangosia and Dr. Robert Bland are busy recruiting individuals who will serve as the medical center’s trustees and management to establish an effective system of day to day management, regular financial reporting, and financial controls. This step is important because the medical center is affiliated with the California based Conejo Compassion Coalition, which is accountable to the U.S. nonprofit regulatory authorities, our donors and all our partners. We will must ensure our operations are supervised by a professional team. Each year, we could harvest grapes to sell to the locals or winemakers.
  • Private donations
  • Fee-for-service revenue from its clinics
  • Compassionate enterprise (Hosea N Wamukota Innovation & Production Company)
CONEJO COMPASSIONATE ENTERPRISE — inspired by the concept of compassionate entrepreneurship, As U.S. investors develop a separate, for-profit company — Hosea Napokoli Wamukota Innovation & Production Company (HWNIPC) — dedicated to sharing profits with Medical Center for future sustainability. HWIPC service will include, brick making, silo storage, vegetable, grape growing and vocational training laboratory. PARTNERSHIP — Network across boundaries and seek strategic ways of combining resources with organizations that not only complement our mission but expand our vision. We can engage in productive partnerships with nonprofit, for-profit and independent organizations of all sizes from around the world.


The Professor Wamukota Memorial Medical Center is uniquely positioned to be among the model nonprofits in Uganda because of our long-term model planning for growth and sustainability. Here are examples of low cost projects we can do immediately to supplement the present collections from the patients. In addition to engaging in a small scale farming projects such as vegetable gardening, fish farming, setting up a food storage silo and running and making own bricks for use in our own ongoing construction projects as well as for resale. With funds available we could develop this model into a fully-fledged vocational training institute that will provide the local youths with practical skills.


In memory of the Professor Wamukota Memorial Medical Center’s long-time supporter the late Dr. Edward Hagger. The medical center recently started a hands-on skills initiative known as Dr. Edward Hagger Compassionate Gardens (EHCG), using the already available land at the medical center. The medical staff train local people in organic farming techniques in order to bring improved knowledge and practice to Lwaboba and the surrounding communities. A demonstration garden on the medical center grounds provides hands-on agricultural training to local farmers. The vegetables grown in the medical center garden will be prepared to feed patients, staff and visitors. Excess vegetables will be sold to the local market vendors as a part income supplementation. SECURE IPADs FOR PRACTICAL HANDS-ON DEMONSTRATION AND SIMULATIONS TRAINING  The Professor Wamukota Memorial Medical Center operations hopes to recruit and enroll women of reproductive age in the entire spectrum of care from education on birth spacing, to prenatal care during pregnancy, to testing and treatment for HIV, to safe delivery by a skilled attendant. We can track newborns until they are fully immunized and offer new mothers family planning options. Load IPADs with the Skyscape, Viber, What’s Up, medical reference app, to be used for home visits and medical reference. THE PEDRO AND ELIZABETH SPORTS LEAGUE Due to lack of youth sports activities in Eastern Uganda, the medical staff are noticing high rates of teen pregnancy and the difficulty young people have in accessing basic healthcare services. To take action the Professor Wamukota Memorial Medical partnered with Mr. Pedro and Elizabeth Perez and established youth leagues in Lwaboba, Busiu, Lukhonje, Bududa and at Bumasikye Primary School. With leadership from Pedro and Elizabeth Perez soon they will deploy a team of young leaders, who are respected in the community and trained to reach out to their adolescent peers with sexual and reproductive health information. We believe this approach would be effective because the youth have been playing side by side so there’s trust among the teams. Additionally, with resources available the program could be expanded to local schools and conduct youth-only clinics and outreaches in order to educate youth about living responsibly and with the right values.