We Treat Our Patients With Dignity And Respect

Identifying the Community Need

Since immigrating to the United States in 1990’s Mr. Charles Nangosia has been working across two continents and two cultures most of his adult life. But the common thread in his global world has always been that he never forgot his people left behind and have stayed connected to Uganda country by starting a United Way office in Kampala, founding the Professor Wamukota Memorial Medical Center and his desire to improve conditions in his community. Nearly 37% of Ugandans live in poverty, and that number has been growing as 80% of the population is dependent on agriculture for their living, and there has been a decline in farmers’ prices for the past three years. According to the UNDP, half of the population of Uganda are children. Very high percentage of HIV/AIDS. Civil war. Net result There are over two million orphans in Uganda. 60% of children under 5 have no access to basic health care or educational opportunities, and there is declining participation in education between primary and secondary school. The fact that Uganda had one of the highest maternal/child mortality rates in the world became more disturbing.

Recruited Industry Experts to Address the Need 

A year after Professor Wilson Mwalye Wamukota’s Passing, the Charles Nangosia and other supporters established the Professor Wamukota Memorial Medical Center (PWMMC) as a Mbale based Non-Government Organization to help mobilize and support the development of Professor Wamukota Memorial Medical Center. Charles Nangosia, Late Hosea Wamukota, and Rev. Dr. Stephen Mungoma became founding trustees of the medical center. In 2009 the California-based Conejo Compassion Coalition with leadership from Dr. Robert Bland, joined the project to oversee the construction and drilled a borehole for the medical facility. The Outstanding Result: Today, the Professor Wamukota Memorial Medical Center includes a busy, modern medical facility with a thriving general admittance room recognized in the community for its high-quality care and outreach programs.

Sustainability Promise

In June 2016, Charles Nangosia decided to invest his resources in creating opportunities for young people in his community by establishing the Hosea Napokoli Wamukota Innovation & Production Company (HNWIPC). HNWIPC is a separate for-profit company engaged in brick making, facility operations and maintenance, farming, food storage technologies, construction, water treatment, electrical and mechanical services. The HNWIPC is committed to providing up to 25 percent of its annual earnings to support the Professor Wamukota Memorial Medical Center operations.

Sustainability Roadmap

At the Professor Wamukota Memorial Medical Center (PWMMC), sustainability is all about the big picture and doing what’s necessary to establish a permanent, capacity-building medical center in eastern Uganda, one that will serve the people well into the future. Our promise of sustainability requires us to plan for the future and always be thinking creatively, collaboratively and with the long-term in mind.