Our Dedicated Staff The Medical Center provides health services for a population of over 50,000 people. About 7,852 are seen at the medical center each year as outpatients and approximately 1,000 require admission, not including maternity cases. On any given day, our team of doctors and nurses can treat patients with high blood pressure, diarrhea, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, cancer, pneumonia, TB, and malaria, in addition to accidents, burns, and other immediate health needs. The Center’s innovative HIV, TB and women’s outpatient service integrates pregnancy care and HIV testing and treatment, with the goal of eliminating HIV in children. Staff test more than 200 people each month for HIV and teach them about the impacts of the disease and how to reduce risk. Specialist nurses work with pregnant women with HIV and with people who have tuberculosis infection. In addition to general healthcare, our specialized services include:
  • Sexual Reproductive Health
  • General Medical Services
  • Maternity Services
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Gynecology Services
  • Family Planning
  • Laboratory Services
  • Ultrasound Scanning Services
  • Minor Theater
An Innovative Local Health Insurance Plan The Medical Center will soon introduce a community health insurance plan that will ask all parents with children aged five and over to contribute the equivalent of $6 per person per year for the cost of their health care, and will then pay only a nominal charge each time they use the Medical Center’s services. This innovative approach to cost sharing will improve access for all people, including the very poorest, and will enable local citizens to plan and take responsibility for their family health instead of fearing the cost of health care and avoiding coming for medical treatment.