Nurses Station

When Professor Wamukota retired and returned to his village, he continued the work he loved of treating rural patients with dignity and respect regardless of their circumstance. This remains the central goal of the PWMMC.

 Our Mission

To serve our patients with dignity and respect regardless of their social or economic standing.

Our Underlying  Goals
  • Ensuring Community Involvement. It is our deep belief that local residents are experts on their community, and that the long-term success of PWMMC depends on the creation of relationships that support local governance and professional medical leadership.
  • Providing High-Quality Care. Our goal is to ensure the staffing the medical center with qualified compassionate staff and the provision of high-tech quality medical equipment, and supplies.
  • Promoting Educational Partnerships.We actively seek to foster international medical research partnerships and vocational learning opportunities that support and promote the ability of the Medical Center to practice the highest medical standards.
  • Achieving Long-term Healthcare Sustainability.We actively promote stewardship and accountability of resources and seek to deploy innovative and sustainable healthcare solutions that meet the needs of rural Ugandans.

Operational Principles.

  • We believe that the health and well-being of individuals is essential to the collective strength and vibrancy of our rural communities.
  • We respect individual needs throughout a person’s life and provide a varied and adaptive approach to basic healthcare.
  • We believe individuals and communities are responsible for maintaining and improving their health.
  • We know that partnerships based on mutual respect are essential to the delivery of quality services.
  • We believe that transparency and clear communication is essential to building and maintaining successful relationships between the community and donors.
  • We believe the medical center success depends on the trust and support of our patients, our community, our medical professionals and our partners.
  • We accept the full responsibility for maintaining that trust and support on a daily basis.
  • We believe that patients should never be turned away from receiving quality care for lack of payment.