Home Page Since immigrating to the United States in 1990s, Mr. Charles Nangosia has been working across two continents and two cultures –living and working in the United States but never forgetting his roots and returning frequently to his home in Uganda. Out of great love and respect for this great uncle, Mr. Nangosia established the PWMMC to ensure that everyone in his community would have access to basic health care, resources to sustain a healthy life, and opportunities to achieve and sustain economic self-sufficiency. To kick start the project Charles Nangosia recruited the late Mr. Hosea Wamukota, Mrs. Deborah Wandwasi, Fred and Leah Wasolo and Dr. Stephen Mungoma who became founding trustees. In 2009 Dr. Robert Bland, CEO of the California based Conejo Compassion Coalition, joined the team to oversee borehole drilling and construction of an addition 5,600 square foot medical building block. Today, the Professor Wamukota Memorial Medical Center campus includes a modern maternity clinic, laboratory, pharmacy, a thriving general admittance facility recognized in the community for its outreach programs. Plans are underway to mobilize funds for constructing additional buildings for staff, an emergency room, and a histopathology research lab, as well as biomedical vocational training facilities.